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Why Waffle Weave?

Although Waffle Weave towels have been used in Europe for decades, they are just catching on in the United States.  

Many people try them for the first time while vacationing in Italy, or visiting a spa and once they get over using something different - just fall in love with them.

But Waffle Weave bath towels truly are very different from terry towels.  

Waffle weave towels are thin and very flat when brand new, and people question if they will be absorbent. But after washing and drying, the towels shrink 12-15% overall and thicken so the classic little honeycombs can form - and that's where the magic happens.

Honeycombs are important because they create a much larger surface area that's both absorbent and dries quickly.  Anyone who's tried to use a terry towel left folded to dry knows that the inside can still feel damp even hours later.  The very definition of a "high-quality" terry towel - thick and heavy - means it's dries very slowly, and in humid bathrooms or climates - may not dry quickly enough to avoid mold and mildew.

Waffle weave towels are a popular choice in boats and yachts, both because they take much less space to store them and because they dry so quickly and can be reused to minimize laundering. We've gathered some great info for getting your boat or summer home ready for summer, too!

The honeycomb texture of waffle weave also provides a lovely gentle exfoliation when you dry.  Poor quality waffle weave (often used for dishcloths and kitchen cloths) can be scratchy, but good quality waffle weave is soft and just gets softer and friendlier over time.

Waffle Weave Towel sets are a wonderful gift - especially monogrammed.  

Wedding GiftsBeautiful Modern Design Waffle Weave Towels monogrammed with simple, dark brown letter mreally shine in a high-end white bathroom

A set of towels or robes is a practical and chic wedding gift, especially because waffle bath towels come in lots of beautiful colors, including White and Cream, and in Classic Waffle and Modern Design style choices. 

Anniversaries, Birthdays and Graduation Gifts

Waffle towels and blankets in a color that represents a shared love - a sports team, or hobby are a wonderful gift.

Or make it part of a set: picnic blanket is a wonderful gift with a classic picnic basket. Many people use a bath sheet or Fouta towel instead of a blanket, too.  There is no wrong answer.

A set of robes is a lovely gift for a couple's anniversary.

For the college-bound graduate - a waffle weave robe and towels are a practical and much appreciated gift.